The City Digger's Annual General Meeting has been scheduled for: Wednesday 5th August @ 7pm in the Owen Room

Business agenda 

  1. To confirm the minutes of previous Annual General Meeting
  2. To receive the report from the President and General Manager
  3. To receive and consider the Income and Expenditure account, the Balance Sheet and report of the Auditor
  4. To declare the result of the Ballot for the Board
  5. To deal with any other business of which due notice has been given.

Members please note 

Members are requested to advise the General Manager, in writing, seven (7) days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting of any query relating to the Income and Expenditure account or Balance Sheet, so that information may be extracted from the records and be made available at the Annual General Meeting.

Notice of members voting for Board of Directors

  • There are 3 Board positions available. Nominations open 7th July until 16th July
  • Voting if required will commence from 17th July until 24th July
  • See Returning Officers Report for more information
  • Voting for the Board of Directors shall not be required at the 2020 AGM. (At the time of sending) Meeting details
  • Sign into the Club from 6pm on Wednesday 5th August for a 7pm start
  • Finger food and drink vouchers will be available prior to meeting in the Balcony Bar